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Caring for your Stellar Stainless Steel Worktop

Technical Description

UNI X5 CrNi 1810 AFNOR Z 7 CN 18-09 W.NR.1.4301


Electrical resistance at 20ºC: 0.73 ohm x mm2/mm

Thermal conductivity at 20ºC: 15w (m x K)

Specific heat at 20ºC: 500j (Kg x K)

Thermal expansion between 20 and 300ºC: C17 x 10 (m x K)

Thermal expansion between 20 and 300ºC: C18 x 10 (m x K)


Cleaning and Maintenance of your Worktop

The anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel decrease under the effect of acids and halogenated compounds (chloride, bromide, iodide). Never use chlorine-based solutions (e.g. bleach). Do not use corrosive substances (hydrogen chloride and acids in general) when cleaning the floor underneath the stainless steel product.

Avoid rust deposits caused by foreign materials, such as steel particles that come from other objects and not directly from the stainless steel product. For example, shavings and metallic powder residue from filing, sanding, drilling operations or the use of inappropriate cleaning instruments (for example, a steel wool pad). Avoid storing the stainless steel product in a humid environment or near water in order to prevent rust formation. Incipient rust can be caused by improper storage of the product prior to mounting.

Clean the stainless steel parts daily with the following solutions:

– Water and vinegar (80% water and 20% vinegar)
– Lemon juice dissolved in water
– Non-corrosive and/or non-abrasive household cleaners that do not contain the substances mentioned above

We recommend washing with warm water. Thoroughly rinse the stainless steel product and dry carefully. During periods of long activity take the following precautions: vigorously rub all stainless steel surfaces with a cloth lightly soaked in Vaseline so as to create a protective film; air out the room after use.

Rub in the same direction as the steel surface satin finishing.